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Umit Gulsen
Director of Photography | Director Copyright Umit Gulsen 2016. All Rights Reserved.

My job is to create beautiful imagery that represents a perspective and is distinct. As a cinematographer I am here to help formulate your visual language through the means of cinematography using composition, movement, mise en scène, light and shadows, colors, shapes and dimensions. Every story deserves of its own cinematographic formulation on screen regardless of its content, be it a corporate or a fiction piece. As a filmmaker first, I always go after the soul, the meaning. Then I start structuring my visuals around that meaning as a cinematographer.

Aerial Cinematography

Home is a short landscape film about a small town on the black sea coast of Turkey. With the implementation of drones and gimbals into cinematography, today we are able to create some of the complicated shots at ease. I mastered my aerial cinematography skills with my first drone DJI Phantom 3 Pro in a very short period of time, and the result of a week of flying is this film.


From the the production perspective, in between documentary and the narrative projects , there is the corporate world. I often times bring my experience from my fiction and non-fiction work into corporate projects. Sometimes we treat the filming process more like a documentary and sometimes as a fiction piece.


My passion has always been in narrative films. Working in a narrative film set is a euphoric experience for me. In my opinion all the other film and video forms are originating from narrative film structure that being the case the problems we face and solve during a production of a narrative film are all applicable to any other forms.


Lifestyle films are some of my favorite projects to work with. I direct, dp and edit. Doing all these together gives me the power of envisioning the film from beginning to end. Using the technology available to me is very important in achieving the styles I want in these videos.

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Resonance is an experimental mash-up film that compiled some select shots from our shoots in Tanzania, Guatemala and Turkey.

I like the ‘life experience’ that shooting documentaries give me. The adrenaline of knowing you have one shot at capturing a scene is very attractive.


With more than 12 years of experience in the industry I can start creating a video project when it was only an idea and take it through the steps where creative cinematography, directing and storyboarding skills are required. I own and work with some of the most recent digital cinema technology and equipment

In my experience, theory and practice need to be combined well when creation happens. Theory should provide solutions to those problems arise during production.